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Alpha Nu Chapter Celebrates 50th Anniversary and Receives 

the President’s White House Volunteer Service Award

Pictured receiving the White House Volunteer Service Award for Alpha Nu Chapter are Charter Line Member Bro. Dr. Kenneth Childs; White House Representative for the Fatherhood Initiative Bro. Thabiti Boone, and Alpha Nu 50th Anniversary Gala Chairman Bro. Greg Burnett, Sr.

Stamford, CT - On Saturday, October 29, 2016 The Alpha Nu Chapter; the first chapter as you enter into the First District and known as “The Gateway To The First District”, celebrated its 50th Anniversary at a well-attended Celebration Gala at the Stamford Sheraton in Stamford, CT.  Charter Founding Member, Bro. Clarence Brodnax, and Charter Line Member; Bro. Dr. Kenneth Childs were present for the celebration.

Alpha Nu Chapter has distinguished itself with an outstanding record of community service over the past 50 years and has become the First District’s leader in promoting and engaging itself in President Obama’s Fatherhood Initiative over the past few years.

The Call to Action by our President and The Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. has been heard by the Alpha Nu Chapter and it is committed to meeting the challenge of encouraging and supporting fathers to be actively involved in the lives of children, and in mentoring our next generation of young men and fathers.


Alpha Nu has committed itself to the uplift of its community and has absolutely purposed itself to make a difference by enthusiastically supporting and carrying out the President’s Fatherhood Initiative.  The Chapter is involved with youth on several levels just in the course of its standard fraternal activities, which include the High School Scholarship, Achievement Week, High School Essay and Talent Hunt programs.  Additionally, the Chapter has aligned itself in a way that brings an emphasis to, and devotes a significant portion of its fraternal and social activities around the fatherhood initiative. 

As a result of its leadership and successful sustained efforts, to promote fatherhood, the Alpha Nu Chapter was presented with the President’s White House Volunteer Service Award by Bro. Thabiti Boone, White House Representative for the Fatherhood Initiative.  Included in the presentation was a congratulatory letter from President Obama, a Community Leadership Citation and a Presidential Service Pin that was presented to Bro. Dr. Kenneth Childs, one of the two members of Alpha Nu Chapter’s Charter Line of 1965. 


The First District Representative, Bro. Michael Jefferson, Esq. participated in the event and spoke to the gathering of how Alpha Nu is a real leader for the First District regarding so many activities, but especially the fatherhood initiative.  The event Chairman, Bro. Greg Burnett, Sr. indicated that we are certainly grateful for all of the work and all of the successes that the Chapter has experienced over the years, but that it has been a particular pleasure to be engaged in the work relative to the fatherhood initiative over the past six years. 



Alpha Nu understands the urgency that is a part of the Fatherhood Initiative and the below represents a few of the activities that the chapter is engaged in:


  • Broadly communicating problems relative to the fatherhood issues in the community.

  • Identification of other groups engaged in fatherhood and mentoring activities and partnering with them or allowed them to join with us in support of our own efforts.

  • Determining needed action and resources required to support fatherhood efforts.

  • Developing programs and activities that have resulted in awareness and participation by a broad section of the community.

  • Creation of a signature event, in the form of a Fatherhood Luncheon that honors and celebrates outstanding fathers and father figures in the community, which has created enthusiasm and commitment to fatherhood activities throughout several communities.

  • The Chapter organized and sponsored a mentoring and entrepreneurial workshop series to teach and provide practical hands on experience for boys that enabled them to successfully establish and operate an entrepreneurial venture that was interesting, exciting and profitable.  Chapter members providing expertise in various areas and served as mentors and coaches to help the boys become familiar with and understand business principles; such as product design, marketing, finance (price, cost & margin), salesmanship, leadership and problem-solving.

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